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scuba dive for beginner


Have you ever thought of going scuba diving? For some people, the idea of being able to breathe underwater is simply absurd and terrifying, when in reality, it’s an absolutely unforgettable experience.

Don’t miss on your opportunity of going scuba diving to any of the amazing spots the Caribbean has to offer! Here we got you some advice that you should consider before going scuba.

Face your fears!

You can rest in peace because we guarantee that any of the tours we have to offer are completely safe. The locations designated to dive are carefully chosen, the people organizing these tours have taken a lot of considerations before establishing the tours. We would never put the lives of our customers in any minimal danger.

Learn with a group

It’s always more fun to learn something new with other people, we strongly recommend you to learn with a group interested in learning too. It may even be an opportunity to meet new friends!

Consider seasickness

If you have never been on a boat before, it may be a good idea to consider carrying some seasick medication if you’re not sure how you will go on the way to the diving spot.

Pre-Treat your new dive mask

It is a common thing for new masks to get very foggy within their first uses, so foggy you may not be able to see at all, this phenomenon originates during the manufacturing process of the mask, because of a thin film of silicone that accumulates on the mask lens. To remove this cover, we recommend you to use an abrasive agent like the common white toothpaste (not the gel type) to remove it.
Warning: Use this method only if your mask has a lens made of glass, not plastic.


Forget all your fears, exaltation may cause you to breath faster, consuming your oxygen supply too quickly. Don’t worry, you’re not in danger if you run out of air, this just means that your diving experience has come to an end.
Don’t forget to swing by to our tour catalog, where you can find a variety of diving tours to choose from. Have fun!

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